A guide on gems of Clash Royale

Here in this game of Clash Royale, you will have to exchange the real money for getting the virtual gems. Apart from coins or other resources gems are considered to be the most important because spending gems can help you to gain many advantages and at the same time it is very hard to get the gems. So gems can help anyone to play the game with ease.

How to earn the gems for free

You can easily get the free gems in two legit ways. The first one is you have to open the Crown chest for at least one time a day and it needs 10 crowds for the opening. And the free chest will come and it will provide you with free gems and you can get this in every 4 hours.

You can get to 24 gems with the help of this chest.

You can easily get two gems and the 3 gems are quite rare and you can only get four gems if you participate in the extremely rare chest.

You can expect to have 14 gems with the help of the crowns and get gems for free, so you can start winning in clash royale. So you will always get 15 to 16 gems every day but not more than that.

Spending the gems for buying gold

One of the wisest decision is to save the gems and then use them for purchasing gold. Gold is considered to be a limiting factor in this game as it will help you to upgrade the cards as well as you can convert them into cards. If you can buy the card then it will give you the one which you need, unlike the chest where chances of having the required card are less. You can either buy them from the shop or you can request your clan mates to provide you with some specific cards.

How the gems can help you

In this game, you will have to destroy the tower of your opponent so you will need to have a strong troop. To make this troop strong you will have to keep upgrading them. You have to build an army that will have both the weak and the strong troops and also spend on upgrading the weapons. So without any in-game currency, it becomes quite difficult for someone to proceed. The stronger troop you will have the faster you will break the power of your opponent.

If you have already spent the gems or resources on unnecessary things and need them for upgrading then you can also try the cheats or hack. This cheats or hacks are easily available on the various website but do a proper checking and do not provide any personal information as it can lead to fraudulent activity. As you won’t be able to control the direction of the troop so make them stronger as it will help them break the side towers and quickly proceed to the middle one. There are many tips and tricks which you can try for mastering this game.